Environmental Health and Municipal Services

Environmental Health

PMMRAC’s Environmental Health team are extremely enthusiastic about addressing the environmental health issues in the regions, as it is recognised that improving the environment has a “knock on” effect to health. Our teams are trained in various practices including:

  • Pest and Mosquito Control – pest levels are monitored and where resources are available impact are addressed
  • Dog Health
  • Waste Management – assistance is given in the removal of waste to support the implementation of safe health practices
  • Emergency Management – recommendations and planning is conducted which address events such as fires, cyclones and flooding
  • Health – education on how the environment has an impact on health
  • Dust Control – dust is monitored and recommendations are made
  • Climate Control – action is taken and recommendations are made for improvement of areas which are subject to extreme conditions
  • Food Safety – education is given around the importance of preparing, cooking and storing of food
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Audits


Municipal Services

PMMRAC’s REMS Municipal Services team delivers a comprehensive planned maintenance program to maintain the performance of the Municipal Services Infrastructure in remote aboriginal communities.

REMS Municipal Services undertake the planning, implementation, management and administration of:
  • Waste handling and rubbish collection
  • Maintenance of internal roads – sealed and unsealed
  • Maintenance of public areas – small playgrounds, football ovals, basketball courts, swimming pools, residential houses and their yards,  schools and their grounds, cemeteries, council offices and grounds, airstrips and storm water drains
  • General operational activities 
- Management and protection of landfill area and infrastructure
- waste segregation and litter control
- Pest control
- Open burning
- Dust management
  • General maintenance fo  landfill facilities
- Perimeter fence-lines and gates
- Entry roads
- Landfill trenches and internal area
- Signage
- Recycling and separation bays
- Firebreaks
- Litter control
- Surface water control
- Pre wet season preparation and post wet season clean up
- Abandoned vehicle storage area
  • Special operations
    - Settlement clean up
    - Abandoned vehicles clean up
  • Emergency repairs
Warning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
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